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Anthony Buckley Films
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DVDs Available

Heroes II: The Return- Operation RimauHeroes II - The Return
Operation Rimau

"Heroes II - The Return" mini-series; story of allied Z Special Unit mission called Operation Rimau in 1944.
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The Heroes - Operation JaywickThe Heroes
Operation Jaywick

"The Heroes" mini-series; the story of MV Krait and the Singapore mission of Allied Z special unit in 1943.
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Ghost Trains – Forgotten Railways Narrated by Peter FentonGhost Trains
Forgotten Railways

A journey of a different kind… a salute to three Visionaries – John Whitton, Henry Deane and J.J. Bradfield. For more product information...


Gulflander DVDThe Gulflander
The Home Movie

The latest DVD from Anthony Buckley A.M. , the renowned producer of A Steam Train Passes. more product information...


Savannahlander DVDThe Savannahlander
The Home Movie

A DVD created by the renowned producer of A Steam Train Passes, Anthony Buckley A.M. more product information...


Ghost Trains – Forgotten Railways Narrated by Peter FentonLes Darcy
The Maitland Wonder

Clearance Sale!

The DVD re-release of "Les Darcy - The Maitland Wonder" documentary... to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Les Darcy's life (1895-1917).
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Palace Of Dreams DVDPalace of Dreams

"Palace of Dreams" (1984):
The State Theatre in Sydney, Australia was fully restored in the early eighties and prompted this documentary to be commissioned in honour of the magnificent building.
"Forgotten Cinema" (1966):
A history of theatrical film production in Australia including brief extracts from features illustrating development from the 19th Century to the postwar period.
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